Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Swaps & Table Favors

I decided to participate in the swaps at the NAME convention.  You could choose whichever scale you wanted to.  I decided to do the 1" scale swap  and  the 1/4" scale swap.  For this swap, we had to make 20 like items for each scale.  For my 1" scale swaps, I chose to do pizza's our of Fimo clay.  I had never done it before but I found a few different tutorials on You Tube - watched them all - and then dove right in.

All of my naked pizzas.  The tiny ones all got squished together, they were just not working out.

At this stage I have used pastel chalk dust to get the crusts looking baked.

All Done!  They are a little bigger than a quarter, but I think they turned out pretty good for my first time.

For the 1/4" scale swap, I ended up making 20 of the eyelash flowers that posted about back here.  At the time I could not find my camera, so I used my daughters camera to get some photos to show you guys.  However, she deleted them thinking I had already saved them on the computer.  So I have no photos of those, but you can see the first one I made HERE.

We were also to make 9  - 1/4" table favors to share with our table mates at one of our meals.  I did a floor lamp out of beads.  Again, I found the tutorial online & played around with my stock of random beads until I found something that worked.  The black post is a toothpick cut to length.  Very easy to do this project.  I am fairly new to working with 1/4 scale items, but I just need more practice to get comfortable with it.

My lamps
I am also working on getting a blog for our Mini Club up and running.  if you want to take a peek, it is here.  Feel free to follow as well, it is meant to be shared.    I guess that is all for now.  Hopefully soon I can get all the convention photos posted.

Take Care,

Friday, August 10, 2012

NAME Convention

Well I am back from the NAME Convention in Charlotte.  I have  a lot of photos to share, but I am still sorting through everything, but I will get them posted soon.  I just wanted to post a few pictures to share form the exhibit room.  Enjoy!

This is all I have time to upload right now.

Take Care,