Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Jars

I have been playing around with filling some of the bottles I have been collecting for the past year.  Most of my ideas for filling revolve around using a resin of some sort, but I have not ordered any yet, So I thought I would play around with some things I already had around the house.  Honestly, most of them looked really stupid, but I did manage to get a few done that I might actually be able to use.  
The photos are a little dark, but not too bad.  You can click on them to make them bigger.

 These 2 jars have the bones in that I posted about earlier.    

These 2 have dried-smushed flowers in them.  The one to the left is a really dark red from red roses & the other is a really pretty lavender color.

These two you can see the colors better & the tops have clay on them right now just to keep the stuff in while I decide how to top them off.  I am probably going to use some jewelry findings & beads to make the tops.  The one to the left is a square shape & the circular one is flat.  I think I like these 2 best       (so far).  :)

This is a part of one of the flowers,but I really liked the way it looked in the jar.  It has good texture.

Here are all of them together.

So far that is all I have done.  I still need to decide what to call them, and then make & attach the labels, but before I can do that I need to learn how to age paper.  I started last weekend and have a few pages that turned out pretty good, so I am going to make more aged paper this weekend & see If I can get some labels & scrolls & random pages to lay about with assorted things on them.  I have some dragons, mushrooms, botanical drawings, ect that I have printed onto the aged paper, but I still have to seal them.  (I just bought the sealer last night) so that should pretty much take up my free time this weekend.

Take care!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Witch Hats....

Well, I have gotten a little side tracked, but I finally did get some pictures taken.  I do not have anything from Christmas to show you, I think I left that at work.  But I will show you my attempt at making a witches hat following Kat-The -Hat -Lady's tutorial, click  HERE to go and try for yourself.  I actually wasn't planning on doing this tutorial for quite some time, (I am trying to stick to my to finish list before I begin anything new) but I was shopping one day and checking the clearance bin, and came across this suede like wallet that would be perfect for a hat for $1.50.

 It was too good of a deal to pass up, so I added one more thing to my list and moved it to the top!  The tutorial was very easy to follow and I didn't have any trouble following the instructions, but doing those little seams in the back was a lot trickier that I had anticipated!  Especially since I could not fit my fingers in there!  I am really particular about my seams being straight, so it took a bit of work, and my tongue had to be sticking out of my mouth just so, but I got there!  I then went to the fabric store & got some trim for the edges.  It is hard to tell in the photo but the one on the left is gold in color.  The one on the right is supposed to be like a fur trimmed hat, but I couldn't get the fur to turn out like I wanted it to be.  The one in the picture is the closest I could get.  After all that, then I got to put the wrinkles in.  That part was pretty fun, but it was hard to decide where I wanted them!  I finally just made a commitment & put the glue inside.  Overall, I really am happy with the way they turned out, especially since I have never done anything like that before. 

I have also been working on filling some bottles for my witch's hutch, but I think I will save that for next time.  I need to go and get some real life stuff done.... oh if only I could live in miniature world for a while....
Take Care!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ideas Welcome....

Just a quick post to say that tonight I am going to dedicate myself to taking all of the photos I need to do my next blog posts!  I don't like blogging without the pictures, that is half the fun!  so when I go for long periods of time with no posts it is because I have no time to take my pictures for the posts. 

I am a excited because today I got my confirmation that I got in to this years State Day.  It is hard to believe it is almost time again for that.  This is the only miniature event I usually get to attend besides the monthly club meetings, so I look forward to it quite a bit.  I thought I would post a quick pic of the project for this year & get some input from you guys.

The box is split in two & the bottom is where you put your scene.  Being the Harry Potter fan that I am, when I first saw the clock, I really wanted to do Mrs. Weasley's clock (withe the family faces on the arms of the clock) & then for the scene do a room from the Burrow.  So, my question to you is which room should I do.  The room is not very big.  I think it it is 9" x 9" & 5" deep.  The Kitchen has a lot of possibilities, I could do like the stove with a pantry & bookshelves with all of her cooking stuffs around.  But the livingroom could be fun too.  I could do her little knitting chair with baskets of yarn &  a little side table, or I could do the fireplace with a chair & rug.  Then again, any of the bedrooms could be fun as well!  Any input or ideas are welcome!!

Well, I am off to take my photo's now...
Take care!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My little pots

These are some little pots that my cousin made me for Christmas.  I actually got them a few weeks before Christmas, but it was around the time my computer went crazy, so I am now just getting to get them posted.  He actually does regular pottery and one day I was looking through his site HERE, and I came across some small pots he had photos of.  So of course I immediately contacted him to see if I could buy them.  He had made them just to test out some of his new glazes, but promised to make me some for Christmas.  I thought he would make like 4 of 5 (which I would have been happy with) but I was so surprised when I opened my packages to find such a large assortment of pots and bowls!  Some of them are too big to use for 1" scale 'regular' pottery, but they will work for some large corner urns and things.  Don't worry... I can make them work!  My daughter keeps asking me which one is my favorite, and I am hard pressed to choose just one.  I like them all for different reasons!     
The rest of my Christmas was real life stuff, but I still enjoyed it all.  I did get the Harry Potter Film Wizardry book which Michelle has a brilliant post about HERE, she has taken great photos of some of the pages inside the book which I really don't know when I will get a chance to do, but it truly is a wonderful book full of Harry Potter eye candy!

Well, That is about it for now.  I will try to post this weekend about our miniature club Christmas party.

Take Care,

(P.S. Sorry for the messy formatting, still getting used to the new photos posting thing.  It wont let me arrange them like I used to be able to.)