Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ideas Welcome....

Just a quick post to say that tonight I am going to dedicate myself to taking all of the photos I need to do my next blog posts!  I don't like blogging without the pictures, that is half the fun!  so when I go for long periods of time with no posts it is because I have no time to take my pictures for the posts. 

I am a excited because today I got my confirmation that I got in to this years State Day.  It is hard to believe it is almost time again for that.  This is the only miniature event I usually get to attend besides the monthly club meetings, so I look forward to it quite a bit.  I thought I would post a quick pic of the project for this year & get some input from you guys.

The box is split in two & the bottom is where you put your scene.  Being the Harry Potter fan that I am, when I first saw the clock, I really wanted to do Mrs. Weasley's clock (withe the family faces on the arms of the clock) & then for the scene do a room from the Burrow.  So, my question to you is which room should I do.  The room is not very big.  I think it it is 9" x 9" & 5" deep.  The Kitchen has a lot of possibilities, I could do like the stove with a pantry & bookshelves with all of her cooking stuffs around.  But the livingroom could be fun too.  I could do her little knitting chair with baskets of yarn &  a little side table, or I could do the fireplace with a chair & rug.  Then again, any of the bedrooms could be fun as well!  Any input or ideas are welcome!!

Well, I am off to take my photo's now...
Take care!


  1. The kitchen would be fun cos of all the different pots and pans you could make but I do like the idea of a cosy fireplace too. Mmmmm, whatever you decide I think your room should include a mini version of the big clock.
    Good luck, whatever you decide I am sure it will be gorgeous.

  2. Janice, I hadn't thought of putting a mini version of the big clock.. that is a brilliant way to tie the two together! Now I have more to think about!! LOL