Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Jars

I have been playing around with filling some of the bottles I have been collecting for the past year.  Most of my ideas for filling revolve around using a resin of some sort, but I have not ordered any yet, So I thought I would play around with some things I already had around the house.  Honestly, most of them looked really stupid, but I did manage to get a few done that I might actually be able to use.  
The photos are a little dark, but not too bad.  You can click on them to make them bigger.

 These 2 jars have the bones in that I posted about earlier.    

These 2 have dried-smushed flowers in them.  The one to the left is a really dark red from red roses & the other is a really pretty lavender color.

These two you can see the colors better & the tops have clay on them right now just to keep the stuff in while I decide how to top them off.  I am probably going to use some jewelry findings & beads to make the tops.  The one to the left is a square shape & the circular one is flat.  I think I like these 2 best       (so far).  :)

This is a part of one of the flowers,but I really liked the way it looked in the jar.  It has good texture.

Here are all of them together.

So far that is all I have done.  I still need to decide what to call them, and then make & attach the labels, but before I can do that I need to learn how to age paper.  I started last weekend and have a few pages that turned out pretty good, so I am going to make more aged paper this weekend & see If I can get some labels & scrolls & random pages to lay about with assorted things on them.  I have some dragons, mushrooms, botanical drawings, ect that I have printed onto the aged paper, but I still have to seal them.  (I just bought the sealer last night) so that should pretty much take up my free time this weekend.

Take care!


  1. Your potions are looking good. What fun, potions are my favorite to make. I love decorating the bottles :)

    Victoria ♥

  2. I am looking forward to decorating the bottles. I love how you do yours!! I am still trying to decide if I want to put labels on them or just tags hanging down. I dont really want to cover up what is in the jars, but I do like the labels directly on the jar itself....I'm sure it will take me a while to figure out exactly how they should be! :)