Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Presents in the mail....

I had a little package come in the mail for me on Saturday, and I finally got a chance to photograph it... I HAD to get one of Kats Pirate hats, well, because I just LOVE the Captain Jack Sparrow character....So while in her ETSY store I saw a teal looking witches hat that I think I am going to keep for my long term "The Burrow" project.  I am just really collecting things for it right now & have figured out the ground floor.  Kat, being the wonderful person that she is, put a little something extra in my box which I am so excited to have, & they will go perfectly with my hutch that I am currently working on!!
Anyway, Here are my newest hats....

Yes!  She sent me a little pair of witch shoes!! Aren't they adorable!

Here is a closer picture of the 2 hats, you can see the stitching better on the Jack hat & the details on the teal patchwork hat....

and here is a better photo of the shoes!  I just love them to pieces!

It seems as time goes on, that I become more & more addicted to her lovely little hats!!  I still have to figure out what on earth I am going to do with the pirate hat....  now I have to do a pirate scene....:)  Now I get to learn how to make little fimo pieces of eight!!  LOL  At least I have plenty of empty bottles for the rum.  Wow, I must be getting tired...

Take care!


  1. Lori, Kat's Hats are addictive, they are like sweets you can't just have one...Love them

  2. You are so right Debbie!! It is crazy...But I do love them so! :)

  3. :-D tee hee glad you liked your little gift xx