Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aging Paper

Well, I finally got my first attempt at aging paper sealed & cut finished.  I have actually been done since Sat, but my kids have been sick & work has been crazy busy, so this is the first chance I have gotten to get it posted.  This project was actually a lot of fun!  I really enjoyed "painting" my paper with tea and experimenting with adding coffee & salt... I am really happy with the way they turned out. (You can click them to make them larger)

These are all my little parchments...I have no idea what on earth I will do with all of them, but they sure are cute!

On this one and the next one you can really see the ages spots well... I am most happy with those! 

I think before I actually use them in my scene, I will dirty up the edges a bit or burn them a little to get a more authentic feel to them.  Next time I want to do some little stacks of blank parchment and some scrolls, I think that would a be a lot of fun, and I need some anyway! 
Well, I don't have much spare time, so I will post again soon!

Take Care!


  1. The parchment has come out beautifully. I made a batch myself this week and my family thought I was cooking up the worst dinner in the world by the smell of the paper baking in the oven!

    I got a tip ages ago that might be helpful to you for further aging.

    To burn the edges without setting the whole piece up in flames, use the tip of a lighted joss stick. Just run it along the edge of the paper.

    Great shelf unit too, does the job!

  2. Janice, I did not know I was supposed to put it in the oven! I just let mine air dry.... I had read about using the joss sticks, I just need to get to the dollar store & get some!

    I really am loving my shelf unit... the drawers are almost all done.... :)