Monday, July 4, 2011

Almost time .....

I cant believe there is less than a week to go before we leave on our trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and the Con!  I am getting so excited but also starting to panic a bit because I really don't feel prepared!  I have done so much planning and thinking about this trip, it just seemed like it would NEVER get here.  Now, with only 6 days left to go, I do not feel ready at all!  All of the big stuff is done.  Now it is the hundreds of tiny details to worry about.

 The Conference is shaping up to be full of activities and things that I just cant miss.  They came out with the schedule a few weeks ago & I have almost sorted out what activities I will attend.  There are several that overlap, but at this point I will just have to wait & see how I am feeling at that time.  A few really cool things that they recently announced is 1.) about the movie & 2.) about the actor signings.  For the movie, they got special permission from Warner Brothers for the con people to see the movie 6 hours before the official midnight release!  For the actor signings, They have all of the new actors that play the children in the epilogue, so Rose, Hugo, Scorpious, Albus Severus, Young Lily Evans, Young James Potter.  Also the actors who play Percy Weasly, Luna Lovegood, & Pansy Parkinson will be there as well. 
At this point, I am not sure how good my chances are of getting autographs, but I will try my best!

Originally I had planned on making 4 mosaic tiles mirrors to donate for their charity auction,  but time and supplies did not allow for that, so I will have one mirror to donate which is almost completed.  I chose to Hufflepuff because I had both of their house colors on hand.  I will try to post a photo on here before I go, but if not, then definately after I get back so you guys can see it.

My offer from March still stands, for anyone who wants a postcard postmarked from Hogsmeade, I will be glad to send you one, I just need to get your address.  My e-mail link should be on my profile now.  I have several people that I am sending them out to, so it would not be a big deal to add a few more to the list.  I have Cates info from Solet Luna Studios, and I could have sworn there was at least one other from blogland that sent me their info, but for the life of me I cannot find it in my e-mail, so please resend it if you would like a post card.

I guess that is all for an update for now,  I need to get back to packing & checking my list!

Take Care.

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  1. What a thrill!!! When I'm standing in line for my tickets on the 15th I'll be thinking of you! Thanks for remembering the sweet postcard, with everything else you have going on - what an exciting time! Enjoy and soak it all in! :)