Sunday, August 14, 2011

It has been a while

Well, I have been back from Leakycon for about a month now, and things are just getting back to normal.  I am just now getting caught up on several of my chores that got REALLY behind while I was gone.  The conference was AMAZING!!!  I was sort of like a lost puppy, I had no idea where to go or what I was supposed to do most of the time, but I still had a ball!  There were around 3500 people that attended throughout the 4 days, so it was crowded most of the time.  It was a blast walking through the hotel constantly passing people in their school robes, or uniforms, and the odd looks from people at the hotel who did not know what was going on.  :)  There were a lot of great costumes there as well.  I am planning on doing a day by day breakdown on my other blog with lots of photos, (so I don't crowd this one up), which hopefully I can begin tomorrow, so if your interested or want more details, be sure to check it out.  I will put a few photos in this post just to show some of my favorite places in Hogsmeade....

I just love these jars in Honeydukes....

This is at night going into the Three Broomsticks 

 Every ones favorite Every Flavor Beans

 Going through the main arch into Hogsmeade Village

The Hogs Head Inn

Well, there are a few photos for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Like I said, I will have loads of  photos on my day by day account of our entire trip on my other blog.

As far as what is going on with me & miniatures, that has been hectic as well.  I think I had mentioned previously that i had quit my local miniature club back in April.  Well, since then a few other members of that club also decided to quit & we ended up getting together and forming our own club.  It seems that we all agree on how we all want our club to work & what we want our club to accomplish, so everyone is much happier in this new setting.  So we have been busy getting that set up & making some basic decisions on what we want to work on & focus on as a group.  2 meeting ago, we all got together & made about 80 plates of cookies to donate as State Day Favors for a State Day coming up in September in South Carolina.

These are our cookies, the photo is a little washed out, but they are cute none the less.

These were done in 1" scale.  I was surprised at how simple these were to make!

Well, I guess that is it for now.  Hopefully now that things are settling down, I can get back to my regular routine & catch up on what everyone else is doing on their blogs!!

Take care!

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