Thursday, April 4, 2013

Checking in

I was looking through my post list and realized that I have 2 different posts saved as a draft because I could not for the life of me get blogger to upload my photos, so I gave up and then got busy again - sigh- and so it seems to go.   I still have quite a few things I wanted to post, but I am not sure it will happen at this point.   But in the past year we have rescued a stray kitten (who is now 8 months old) and a gotten a Bearded Dragon so here they are....

Alice when we first rescued her.

Alice tonight.

Draco when we first got him ( I could not get one tonight, he is napping)

Then my miniature club has been preparing to host our NC State Day event, so that has kept me rather busy.  Besides the normal working full time, taking care of the house and 2 teens.  So at the end of the day I do not have the right frame of mind to post ANYTHING!  But I am looking forward to a little break after State Day is over.  Our group is meeting the weekend for an all day work session to start getting our kits together, so it should be a fun day!

Now hopefully, some time this year, I will get a chance to get all of the convention photos uploaded somewhere so I can add the link.  But for now I have a few of this things that I got while I was there.

A set of different tweezers, a mini glue bottle with holder,
a small and large gluing jig to get perfectly square corners.

These were all of the table gifts from my table mates.  Some are 1" scale
and some are 1/4" scale, but I cant wait to use them all!

Another table gift, the set of 3 bins (storing some of the things from above)

This was a class I took on how to make 1/4" flowers and plants.
I learned a lot and now have plenty of supplies to make more.

More flowers and plants.

Well, that is all for now, time to start the getting ready for bed portion of the evening.

Take care,

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