Sunday, October 11, 2009

About ready to tackle the garage

Well, I have been pretty busy with real life as usual, and have been sorting through all of my old stuff from storage trying to find places for it all. When I started this blog, I said that I had come across a few unfinished projects in all of my miniature stuff. One of the things I found was this partially finished garage that I had started as a State Day project back in 1994 (I think). Now, when I found all of this stuff I promised myself that I would finish up all of my old projects before starting any new ones, so I am about ready to start finishing the garage. Being that it was so long ago, I really have forgotten my original vision for this garage, so now in looking at it I want to add electricity to it so you can see the inside well, my main problem is that I have already put the wood siding on so I can't run the wiring on the outside and on the inside I have already glued in a floor (sandpaper pained grey) and painted the walls, so do I rip all of that up, or just work around what I had previously done?

the garage with no roof

slanted view

Front view

The way the roof was designed (not my patten), it slips inside the top, so the only place I can really put the lighting is on the side walls or on the inside of the front wall, almost directly over the front doors.
My other dilemma is how to finish the outside, weather to make it new or old looking & then to do natural wood looking or painted.

If you two (who might actually read my blog :) ) have any suggestions, please let me know.. I am at a loss at this point.

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