Sunday, October 10, 2010

1/4" Room Finally Finished!

I am finally done with my 1/4" scale room! You have no idea how excited I am to be done with this one! I am happy with how it turned out, although it is in no way perfect, I did learn quite a bit along the way.
I forgot to take the photos with the standard penny in it (for scale,) so I had my son take a quick one with me holding it in my hand so you can see how small it is. You can click on any of the photos to make them larger.....

This box is supposed to be or look like a present, so I covered the outside of the box with some very pale pink paper that is iridescent and had little swirls in it. You can't really tell, but it picks up the pink stripe in the wallpaper inside the room.

This is the front porch area

Here is the inside of the room with all of my furniture (even the stupid crooked chair.. it looked to empty without it), my plant, & a few other things I made to put in for accessories.

Here is a better view of the fireplace wall....

The other wall.....

So, there is one more piece ready for the show next weekend. I do have one more that is supposed to get done, the State Day Project, but I have run into a major snag with that one.... I began gathering all of the bits and pieces I had saved to complete that one, and for the life of me I cannot find the shelving that I had already sanded and painted. All that was left to do was install them. If I cannot find them today, there really is no point in trying to complete that one! I know they are all together in a baggie of some sort, I am just not quite sure WHERE that baggie is. It is times like these that I really wish I had my own space to do my minis in. Then it could be permanently organized & not moved around when the need arises.
Well, That is all for now, Take Care!


  1. Thnak you Debbie & Cate. I really fought this kicking & Screaming the whole way, but I am truely glad it it finished! The ladies in my club are much more talented but they have been doing it for years... it is hard for me to see mine as good compared to theirs.