Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Late Christmas Greetings...

Well, I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas getting together with family and celebrating the season! My Christmas didn't turn out quite like I had planned, but it wasn't horrible or anything.
My computer has not been working for a few weeks now we finally got it fixed so I am glad I can get on  post again... :)
Sorry, back to Christmas.... originally We had planned to go and spend Christmas at my Mothers house which is in the Tennessee mountains. ( her house sits on the very top of their mountain) These photos were taken at a previous Thanksgiving, but it will give you an idea...
This is the front of the house

This is the back of the house, my favorite part is the porch that runs the across the entire back

This is early in the morning looking off the back porch into the valley which is filled with fog.

It is a lovely house with breath-taking views, I always enjoy going to visit it is so relaxing. She only lives about 4 hours away, so it is not a long trip, but the weather was supposed to be bad filled with snow ice, so all week long we watched as the forecast changed daily, then on Thursday they were calling for us to get 2"-4"of snow, which means that her snow totals would be at least twice as much as we got. ( she always gets more) So I decided to be a chicken and stay home. I was worried about being able to get home on Sunday if the roads weren't clear and sliding off the side of the mountain.

So anyway, since we were supposed to go up to Tennessee, I did not do any decorating at home. I had not planned any menus or anything!! So we quickly put up a small tree with only lights the angel, went grocery shopping and had a small family Christmas. It was quiet, but nice. We woke up Christmas morning  there was no snow! So now & I am disappointed that we stayed home. My husband decided to go to his family's house with my daughter (about 2 hours away) since the weather was clear. That left my son  I at home to play with our new toys! It was a very quiet relaxing day. Well, then around noon it started snowing and snowing and snowing. (husband & daughter made it home OK) It did not stop until Sunday morning. When all was said done we got around 8" of snow. It was nice to have a white Christmas. We have not had one in our area in about 40-50 years.

This is looking out my front door, down the street in my apartment complex.
(It is always much prettier in person, but I had to put one up here)

I spoke to my Mom on Monday  she was laughing telling me it was a good thing I was a chicken because they were at 18" of snow and counting. It was still snowing there & they were expecting another 1-2"! I was so glad I did not go get stuck. I would be so nice to get snowed in, but I don't think my employer would appreciate me telling them I would miss a few more days right after Christmas break! I all worked out as it was supposed to! The cool thing is, is now we still can look forward to a weekend at my Mom's when the weather clears up with presents! ;)
This post is getting much longer than I had planned and the kids are getting hungry..., so I am going to go,  I will finish this up tomorrow.
Take Care,

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