Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cubbies (finally) all finished & potion jars....

Well, I finally finished building all my drawers for my shelf.  I am really glad that is over!  I am very happy with the way they turned out.  Right now they are functional, but not pretty.  Eventually I might paint them or cover them with pretty paper, but for now they will work.  I have been busy sorting & trying to figure out how I am going to organize all of my mini's.  I keep on finding more containers & bags & boxes that have minis in them.... (sigh)  I might have to open a shop just to get rid of some of this stuff I will never use.  Below is my shelf thing completed....

I went to the craft store & found some small wooden threat spools that I ended up using for the knobs on all the drawers.  They worked out pretty good.  You can kind of see the plastic drawers to the right of my shelf unit, I am using those drawers for the larger things, like furniture, glues, paints, stains, pasta machine, etc...  I am using the temporary stickers to label the drawers until I finalize where everything will actually go, then I plan on printing out some pretty labels & make it look a bit more consistent.

I have also finally gotten a chance to play with my resin stuff to try out filling potion jars.  It is much more fun than I thought it would be.  I have only tried 4 different colors, but I do like them, once I figure out how to finish the tops of them, I think they will look great on my spooky hutch.  Below is a photo of a few of the ones I have done....

My son really like the teal one, it reminded him of kool-aid!  The solid red one is supposed to be blood of some sort, but I think I need to tweak the color of that one a bit more... but that is the fun of experimenting!

That is really all I have for now.  Thanks for reading,

Take Care!


  1. All sorted! I know how you feel> I went through all my card and papers today and found all sorts of things I had forgotten about and will now never probably use.....

    Love your potion bottles, and the red looks like very fresh blood!

  2. Janice, I know, it is nice to have a place for everything. I still have 3 shoeboxes full of minis to go through, but the majority of it is done. I lke the "Fresh Blood" description....I might have to use that, if I decide to label these... I was really just playing around with my resin. :)