Friday, March 25, 2011

Exciting news, but I wont be posting often for the next several months.

I have decided to go to Leakycon This year.  For those of you who don't know, Leakycon is a Harry Potter Fan Convention that will be held @ Universal Studios In Florida.  I normally don't get to do these types of things (due to budget), and I have never been to any sort of fan convention, but this is something that I CANNOT miss out on.  This is the end of a era for Harry Potter fans, and it IS possible for me to go, so I am going to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity & not think (too much) about how that money could be better spent.  My love for all things Harry Potter runs very deep & I will be able to share this with the most enthusiastic, die hard, dedicated fans from around the world!!!  I am sooo excited, ever since I paid for my registration I cannot get to sleep at night because I cannot stop thinking about it!!!

So, I will be busy planning for this trip for my family & I, which will not leave me much time to blog.  During the con, they will be holding a charity auction of fan art & fan crafted items to raise money for the HPA (Harry Potter Alliance)  & Book-Aid International, so I am trying to come with some ideas of things to donate.  I have an idea for some mosaic tiled mirrors, I just have to see if I can find the right colored tile.  I could also make some cute little potion necklaces which wont raise much, but every little bit helps!  Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome of more stuff I could make in my spare time.
I will take photos of what I'm doing, but I'm not sure when I will get to post them.  I might start a temporary blog just about Leakycon so I can ramble on about it just not on here....

Oh, last thing, I was thinking that since I will be going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, if there are any of my followers out there that would like to get a postcard with the Hogwarts stamp & postmark on it I would LOVE to send you one.  Kat the Hat Lady, I know you are a big fan, & Debbie, I know you are too.  Cate, I know your doing The Burrow right now (the pipes are brilliant by the way) (I haven't had time to comment), so I am guessing you are as well, and Janice, Doing the Leaky Cauldron right now... well enough said!  :)    If I missed anyone, I am sorry, But I am putting this invitation out to anyone who follows my blog, I just need you to send me an address where you want it sent, your favorite character, your favorite house, and your all time favorite scene.  I am not sure what the choices will be for postcards, but with that info, I should be able to find something you would like!  I have added my email address to my profile.

Thanks for reading,
Take care!


  1. Oh Lori you lucky thing. Your sure to have a wonderful time, with all the other Harry Potter fans. Don't forget to take your Camera, as we will all want loads of pictures. xxxx

  2. Lori I will live vicariously through you! What a wonderful thing to think of us while you're planning such a special trip! I would love to go so badly - and I do dream of making it to the WW of HP one day and also the museum they are making at Leavesden Studios too!
    I can't wait to see your photos! (and I will definitely be sending you an email - thank you dear Lori!) :D

  3. I'm sorry Lori...I can't find an email link, if you'd like to email me at soletlun @ I can write you back?

  4. Debbie- you know I will take tons of pictures & post them when I return.

    Cate-So sorry about the email addy, I have added the link to my profile, but I will email you shortly...
    I am so excited to go, you are welcome to join me vicariously, company is always nice lol. I just read the other day about the museum @ Leavesdon they are builing a HP themed hotel for people visiting that area! That is so cool, but I dont think I will make it that far. I used to go to school very close to Leavesden. It closed not long after I left (1989) and recently was turned into a bunch of upscale condos. how sad. It was a beautiful school. It was originally an all boys Masonic school, but when I attended, it was called the International University of Europe. I read somewhere that they filmed part of the earlier HP movies there, but I have never been able to find out which part of the films it was.