Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well, I have finally gotten a chance to take photos of some of my creations. The photos are not that good, but it should give you the general idea. I desperately need to learn how to take photos of my miniatures with my regular digital camera. Hopefully it will get better as I go along!

These are some little caramel creame candies, it looked simple enough to try. I think I need to get a littel more "creame" in the middle, but otherwise I am happy with them.

This is my bowl of potato salad. My favorite part is the egg slices.

This is potato salad with bell pepper topping.

I had so much fun doing these! When I started searching online for the "how to" for fimo & sculpey clay, this is the result of the first tutorial that I found. The tutorial was great & easy to follow, so my bread came out pretty good for someone who has never played with clay before. They may not be quite to scale, but they are not too huge. here is the link for that tutorial in case you would like to try...

a close up of my french bread. So cute!!
Well, That is all of the photos I have for now. The kids started school about 3 weeks ago, so we are adjusting to the newer/stricter schedule of the school year. I haven't had much time to play with all of my mini's. When I found all of my stuff in storage, there was a toy store that I had done 14 years ago, so I have been restoring things on that building. I also came across 2 other scenes that were half finished. I will try to photograph those when I get a chance and get them posted. One of them is a little window scene, and the other is a garage. The window scene is done, & the garage is only built, not decorated at all. So I figured before I start anything new, I need to get those other projects done first.


  1. Hi Lori. Thank you for visiting my blog and lovely to meet you.
    Hope you have fun here and also get to meet lots of other great mini people. Blogland is ever so friendly and people are really helpful.
    Its a great place to learn from too and i couldnt be without it now.
    I have become a follower and added you to the blogs i follow on my blog sidebar. It will help people to find you quicker.
    I see you are a scout leader and helper. I was a beaver scout leader and ran my group for just over 2 years. I really enjoyed my time doing so and look back on it with some great memories. Mind you we were not very scouty and more of a craft club but thats what little ones like.
    Look forward to seeing more of your work. Your breads are lovely.
    Nikki xxx

  2. Nikki, thanks so much! Ever since I found these blogs I cannot stop reading them... there area so many talanted people that do so many amazing things! I love to look at their craft! You guys are all so inspiring!!!
    I do love to do the scouting, I have been a Girl Scout leader for 7 years now & it has been great to watch them grow.