Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All My Goodies

Today I am going to post all of my goodies that I got at State Day. The first couple of photos are all of the things that came in the tote bag favors. For those of you unfamiliar with tote bag favors, these are all small little items that people attending the event made or bought 100 of their items to share with every participant there. generally people try to make items that could possibly be used in the project you are there to work on, but not always.

Items as listed: a ribbon windsock, a wooden screen, some magazines, 2 planters, 1 plant, lays potato chips, rubber bands, office folders, office paper, pencil, cat food, clock, coffee creamer& sugar packet, journal, hinges for the door, stamps, mailbox with mail.

A small wooden bench for outside, a flower box, an apron, a small wooden sign with hardware to hang outside of your store. (with room for you to personalize it)

Next are table favors which are ones that you only exchange with the people you have at your lunch table. I gave out my mushrooms to my lunch table people.

Random groceries with grocery bag, a lady bug (on the yellow piece of paper), a small tray for mixing paint, some children's building blocks, a cube with a clip on it, a craft knife that goes around your finger ( I am curios to try this one) in the Altoids tin is a desk set with a desk calender, a notepad, a to do list pad, some post it notes, & a pencil cup with 3 pencils inside, a chair that has been primed to be painted to put into your scene, The last item is in photo below...

This was a gift from the host club for everyone to use, a cup of coffee & plate of doughnuts, the plate says "My Little Corner" across the top & 2010 across the bottom. Very cute.

Next are some items that I purchased. A few of the vendors (there were only 7 or 8) had clearance boxes so of course I hit those first! I got the rocking chair for $3.00 & the set of 4 chairs for $4.00. The 4 chairs are going in the Weasley kitchen. Of course I have to re-paint them & age them quite a bit, maybe break a couple of spokes on the backs, I haven't decided yet. The rocking chair I plan on putting in Molly & Authors bedroom. I really think Molly deserves a rocking chair. One that I am sure she rocked all of her babies in. I also found year two Hogwarts school books which of course you know Had Gilderoy Lockharts books which (again) you know, Molly would own all of them since she fancies him. :)

That is all for now. I really didn't get to purchase much, my budget really wont allow it, but I figure if I get a little bit at a time, eventually (possibly when the house is built) I will have most of what I need.
I have 3 more things to show you tomorrow & that will end my adventure at NC State Day.
Thanks for reading!

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