Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Very first Glass Containers

I know for most, this is not that exciting, but for me, it was. Ever since I started getting back into miniatures and discovered blogging and found people who liked the same type of miniatures that I wanted to do I have been wanting some little glass jars for my scenes. It all started when I accidentally came across Nikki's blog ( http://nikkinikkinikki72.blogspot.com/ ) "Witch and Wizards Miniatures" and I saw all of her amazing potion bottles and various glass jars that she uses to hold all of her magical body parts. From there it did not take long to discover several other blogs with an astonishing amount of wizard type miniatures that I never knew existed. It was very exciting to know I was not the only other Harry Potter freak (in a good way) who also wanted to recreate some of that world in miniature. I also quickly discovered that most of the people that I love their work are professional artists and making these wonderful miniatures are their full time job. This, for me, is a double edged sword. These artisans do such beautiful work that sadly I cannot afford. Not that it isn't worth every penny, its just not in my budget if my children want to eat. So after a few days of my very own pity party that I was not the millionaire that I ought to be (hee hee) I decided that I would just have to learn how do some of these things myself. They may not come out as good as theirs, but I would give it my best shot. Now come the glass bottles. I have fallen in love with all of the mini apothecary themed scenes that I have seen, so I have decided to do my own. Now, as you know, to do an apothecary, you need glass jars. Lots & lots of glass jars. All different shapes, sizes & colors! So, I have now begun my quest of finding all of these glass jars that I will need. I ordered my first 2 jars from E-Bay from a company in England about 2 weeks ago. It has been killing me waiting for them to arrive! (I do not do well with anticipation! Christmas is pure torture for me! :)) They have finally arrived and all in one piece! I used the photos from their site because I could not take one as well as they did.
But now that I have them, I almost feel bad putting eyeballs or brains in them! They are too pretty!! I am sure I will get over that soon enough, but for now, I just look at them and smile.
Wow, I really did not mean to ramble that much, but I really wanted to explain why I am so excited about 2 silly little jars! Today I have ordered 11 more from a different company. Hopefully they wont take as long to get here. We will see.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Lori your jars are lovely, the bottom one is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you put in them. I must admit, I also had a problem filling my jars, but once you start you can't stop. xxx

  2. Meant to say Lori, was looking at some photographs the other day of one of the big American Shows, think it was Chicago and someone has built the "Burrow".. I'll see if I can find the photo's then I'll be back with the link..xx

  3. Lori "The Burrow" has been built by Rik Pierce and was on show at the Tom Bishop Show in Chicago. I've just emailed to ask if I can share the pictures on my blog..xx

  4. There are loads of peeps who are Harry Potter mad, me included! lol :o)

    LOL I get excited about potion bottles etc too! lol I have a lot! ;o)) I've bought a lot from My Tiny World they are sooo cheap! They have a proper website too...just scroll down the side of my blog and it's under my favourite websites. :o))

    Michelle xx

  5. Debbie, Thanks! I had heard a while back that Rik Pierce was doing the Burrow, so every couple of months I search to see if I can find any photos, but I did not know it had been completed! I hope your able to post the photos. I know his will be amazing. I am very curious to see his interpretation of the way the rooms all fit together.

    Michelle, I know there are a lot of true & loyal fans, but I dont live near any of them. My family tolerates my love of all things Potter, but they dont understand it. My co-workers... well, they view me as the oddity sitting in the corner with the the third eye in my forhead. (which frankly suits me very well, then they leave me alone). But it is so great to find others who actually understand the obsession.
    I will have to check out the website for "my Tiny world". I thought they were only on E-Bay. See I have SO much to learn.... :)

  6. Lori, Pop over to my blog the pictures are on there of The Burrow. I like it but its a bit straight, it needs to be more wonky..

  7. Debbie, I did look at the photos & I hate to say it, but I agree. It needs to be a lot more wonky! As if the only possible way it could be help together were by magic! That is the whole point of the Burrow!!! Sorry, I get very passionate about it. I have been working through several different methods on how to make sure it is wonky enough, but my biggest obsticle right now is how to see inside each room & I need to be able to take it apart for transport. But thank you so much for posting those photos. I was dying to see them once you had mentioned it. :)

  8. Oooh that bottom jar is gorgeous.

    Cotton Ridge designs have some lovely glass from time to time and she is a wonderful lady.