Sunday, April 11, 2010

State Day Continued...

Here are some more photo's of the hosting clubs examples they put out to inspire us on our projects. I will not put all of them on here, but here is a sampling...

This is the front of one of the stores that had the gardening theme I was talking about earlier. I thought I had gotten the inside if this one, but apparently I did not. But at least I can show you the outside.

I loved the door on this one.

This was a cute little doll shop.

This one was a magically themed one.. Very Cool!

Close up of the inside of the magic shop

bottom half of the magic shop.

This is the inside of the one I posted earlier with the lovely leaded glass windows.

This was a cute little bakery.

I liked the little garden gnome & mushrooms in this one.
I have finished taking photos of the rest of my goodies which I will post a little at a time over the next few days. I have been having great fun sorting through all of my new finds and planning my new scenes. One of them I know will be an apothecary, and another one will be a greenhouse. I still have yet to decide what to do for my actual project, but maybe if I build it up a bit more it will come to me. Who knows... It it strange how my creativity works sometimes.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your new creations Lori..x