Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back from State Day

Well, my Daughter and I are recovering from State Day. It was a very long day, but we did have a lot of fun. We got up at 5 am and were out the door by 6. Then drove the 1 1/2 hours to the event. We got there a little early so just took our time checking in & getting all set up. Part of the fun of State Day are the displays that others bring to share. Today I will be showing you some of the samples the hosting club members brought for the project we would be working on at the event. Most of these are take through the plexi-glass cases that were over the scenes, but you can still see them pretty good.

This one is a little ice cream shop.

This one looks like a perfume shop.

This one has all sorts of body stuff.

This is the front of one of the stores, and I love the way they did the glass in the window & door.

This one is a scrap booking studio.
I think it is really neat to see how each person made them all so differently. Hanna (my daughter) has decided to make hers into college dorm room. She is still painting hers so I will post it when she is finished. I am still debating what to turn mine into, but I am leaning towards a gardening/potting room. I saw a few of these in the samples & they were pretty cute. I will post photos of those later. But then again, I am also considering just doing a hodge podge of all the things I love to do. who knows.... I am still building it.
There are several more displays that I will post later, along with the raffles that Hanna & I won. (we each won one-that was exciting!) Also I will have to show you some of my purchases and the mini favors that we came home with.

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